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Q9 What is the My Tutor module?
      How can my tutor use their account?

Video is produced by Professional Product Spokeperson, Renny Soong.
FAQ By Video
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Administrative Matters
Q# Question
Q1 How do I sign up and make payment?
Q2 After signing up, how can my child access their account?
Q3 What does each module consist of?
How do I purchase optional modules and renew my subscription?

Q# Question
Q4 What is the Assessment module?
Can I monitor my child's performance?
Q5 What is the Listening Comprehension module?
Q6 What is the Oral module?
Q7 What is the Summative Test module?
Q8 What is the Visual Learning module?
Q9 What is the My Tutor module?
How can my tutor use their account?

Parent's Portal
Q# Question
Q10 How do I access and navigate the Parent's portal?


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