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This e-learning website features a comprehensive collection of interactive exercises, videos and articles across school subjects for primary school students in Singapore. Tests and quizzes come with instant feedback and step-by-step hints to identify students' areas for improvement.

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About Us

We are an online education service provider with a comprehensive platform catered to primary school students.

More than 30 primary schools and tuition centres have partnered with us.

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Here are some samples of practices available.
New assessments for each semester
Topical revision exercises aim to discover students' weaknesses early through instant corrections, model answers and detailed explanations.

Listening Comprehension
Exercises available serve as opportunities for students' aural mental training, allowing for holistic exam preparations.

Oral Read Aloud
Practices aim to assess students' abilities to pronounce and articulate clearly on top of their abilities to read fluently and with appropriate expressions and rhythm.

Visual Learning
Audiovisual content available supplements students' learning by providing step-by-step illustrations of answering techniques and explanations.

Summative Test
Assessments are administered at the end of an instructional unit to evaluate students' learning progress across all topics. These mock tests give students the chance to practice application of knowledge.


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Hear what our customers say.

My son hates preparing for examinations. It is difficult for me to get him to study sometimes. When my friend, Kelly, introduced me to this site, I was sceptical. However, my son was receptive to the topical approach on this platform. He was able to go through question after question without noticing, preparing him for his exam which he scored 90%. Much thanks to Kelly for introducing me to this.

From Susan Lee
My daughter has struggled with Oral Examination for a long time. Being shy, she finds it hard to read aloud clearly. After using the “Oral Read Aloud” module, she has become more confident in speaking out loud through the numerous recordings she did for submission. The teachers' comments for her recording are insightful and encouraging as well. I am very satisfied with her improvement.

From Christine Ho
My daughter did not do well in her P5 end of year exam, due to disruptions in lessons because of circuit breaker. The pandemic interrupted her learning and she struggled with keeping up. After this experience, I signed up for Student Elearning. This site provides a complete coverage of school syllabus and allows her to practice applying what she has learnt. My daughter has also received “The Best Student” award from the system and this encouraged her to work harder for her upcoming PSLE. I highly recommend this platform to other parents and students.

From Alice Koh

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华文口试 《朗读短文》
Summative Test
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Visual Learning
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Summative Test
Visual Learning
Summative Test
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