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Mei Qi
Primary 6
Primary 6 Science Assessment  CA1
Energy Forms and Uses
For each question, four options are given. One of them is the correct answer. Make your choice (1, 2, 3 or 4).

Q11)  There has been a lot of focus on alternative sources of energy
          such as the Sun and the wind.

Which of the statements below explain why there is so much focus on harnessing energy
from the Sun and the wind?

A :     Wind and sunlight are easily available.
B :     New technologies are more interesting to use.
C :     We have plenty of land to build wind turbines and solar panels.
D :     We cannot rely on the same source of energy which can run out one day.

(1)     A and C only
(2)     A and D only
(3)     B and C only
(4)     B and D only

Ans :

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